Super Green Food ++
Super Green Food ++
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Phyto-nutrients are nutrients found in plants and have been shown to be essential for human life. As our modern day diets are severely lacking in raw fruits and vegetables, supplementing with phyto-nutrients has become essential to maintaining good health. Super Green Food ++ offers a high-quality, convenient nutritional solution to help in the prevention of nutritional deficiency, which we know is one of the root causes of all degenerative diseases.

Super Green Food ++ is 100% natural, organic, and does not contain any artificial preservatives, additives, or flavours. It has a pleasant taste and is naturally sweetened using stevia. Super Green Food ++ is a newly upgraded proprietary complex and is now fortified with a super-antioxidant blend for additional health benefits. Inflammation is a natural process that occurs when the body detects a harmful stimulus. Chronic inflammation can lead to a number of health problems if it is left unchecked. Antioxidants help to reduce and control inflammation in the body, which in the long run contributes to disease prevention, better health, and increased well being.

Super Green Food ++ provides all the nutrients essential for optimal health. Combining 27 active ingredients sourced from nature, SGF++ is rich in phyto-nutrients and alkaline forming in the body. It is a concentrated source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, chlorophyll, and contains herbal extracts that offer a variety of health benefits. In addition, SGF++ contains a super-antioxidant blend, which consists of mangosteen extract, maqui berry and other powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants counter the effects of free radical damage and can help to prevent or slow the effects of pre-mature aging. The nutrients in SGF++ offer a complete nutritional package that helps to prevent nutritional deficiency caused by a diet lacking in raw fruits and vegetables.


Combining extracts from 5 natural sources, the super green blend in SGF++ is rich in essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, protein, beta carotene, chlorophyll, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants. These super greens offer benefits that range from improving digestion, preventing free radical damage, lymphatic support, detoxification, boosting the immune system, fighting infections, increasing good bacteria, and many more.

  • Spirulina

  • Barley Grass

  • Alfalfa

  • Wheat Grass

  • Chlorella


SGF++ has been fortified with an antioxidant blend that is all natural and extremely potent. It combines extracts from the most powerful plants and herbs from around the world to offer the best in anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, disease prevention, and protection from free radical damage. In addition, these antioxidants also help to stimulate blood flow and strengthen the immune system.

  • Cranberry

  • Blueberry

  • Mangosteen

  • Brown Rice

  • Red Beet

  • Gingko Biloba

  • Green Tea Extract

  • Grape Seed

  • Maqui Berry

  • Milk Thistle

  • Echinacea


Apple Pectin

Apple pectin is rich in soluble fiber, which plays an important role in the prevention of disease. It protects against metabolic syndrome and improves intestinal environment.

Dairy Free Probiotic Culture

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that help protect you from harmful bacteria and aid in digestion.

Royal Jelly

Has anti-inflammatory properties.

Bee Pollen

Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and protein. Contains enzymes that aid digestion. A natural energizer.

Acerola Juice Powder

Rich in Vitamin C and anthocyanins, both of which have antioxidant properties.


Excellent source of most of the important trace minerals.


Can be used to improve the health of people recovering from illness. It increases a sense of wellbeing and stamina, and improves both mental and physical performance.


Natural sweetener. Contains no calories and will not spike blood sugar level.

Take one sachet, 2 times daily, in the morning and at night. You can either mix one sachet of Super Green Food ++ into a glass of water, juice or honegar (pure raw honey + apple cider vinegar) cocktail or better yet, add on NewLife’s Collasta to enjoy a truly wide array of different antioxidants covering all spectrums and preventing damage from free radicals for different parts of the body.


Super Green Food ++ is for everyone! It is a well-rounded supplement. Great for children, teenagers, vegetarians, the elderly; in fact, it is suitable for the whole family! It is like a meal on the go and a natural nutrient booster for:

  • athletes seeking an edge

  • mature adults requiring vigor

  • busy housewives

  • students and those in stressful occupations

  • travelers

  • those who are fasting or detoxifying

  • those who are on diet

Amla Yati, 68 was diagnosed with fatty liver in 2007. Fatty liver means excess fat cumulated in the liver causing the liver cells to malfunction.

Amla Yati started on a regime of NewLife™ supplements in June 2008 which include Herbal Klenz Powder, Spirulina, Super Green Food, Immuflora, Vitamin B Complex, and Vitamin C Complex. In addition to the supplements, she also changed her diet to include more green vegetables, whole grains, and fresh fruits while cutting down on carbohydrates and fats.

After 6 months on Newife™ supplements, an ultrasound scan was done on the liver on 4 December 2008.

The result of the ultrasound scan showed no more fatty liver. The supplements and change in diet were enough to reverse her fatty liver condition.

Thanks to NewLife™!

Amla Vati (68 years old), Year 2007

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