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The easiest, most effective exercise known to mankind!

Bounce for health! Here is a fun and superb way to gain health and take charge of your body. The NewLife™ Rebounder is the perfect equipment for you and the entire family.


  • Fun and easy!

  • Enjoy a great workout!

  • Trims body

  • Improves overall health

  • Perfect for prenatal and postnatal conditions

  • Improves mental abilities

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It is a known fact that exercise makes you 20% more efficient at work! There are various forms of exercise. But according to modern research, one is more complete than any other. It is called Rebound Exercise. It consists of simple, ordinary exercises performed on a firm rebounder.

20 minutes of rebound exercise is equal to:

Jogging 3 1/2 miles in 32 minutes

Playing handball for 40 minutes

Swimming 800m in 16 minutes

Biking 5 miles in 18 minutes

Skipping for 15 minutes

Walking 2 1/2 miles in 34 minutes

To burn 150 calories, you can:

Walk for 22 minutes

Swim for 10 minutes

Run for 6 minutes or


Rebound for Health VCD is now for sale!

Rebound Exercise VCD - The Most Effective Exercise Ever Know To Man is now for sale!

  • Easy and fun. It requires only 5-10 minutes of your time and you can achieve better health results than a 2 mile jog.

  • The most efficient form of exercise yet devised by man - The perfect wellness exercise in health and all-weather aerobics, just minutes per day. It helps to strengthen every organ in the body while reducing body fat; firms legs, thighs, arms, abdomen, etc. Increases your sense of balance and strengthens muscles over all. The rebounder provides an aerobic effect on your heart; it rejuvenates your body when it's tired and generally puts you in a state of health and fitness. It is ideal for prenatal and postnatal conditions.

  • German design made according to TUV/GS standard (a safety license issued by German authorities)

  • A 3-year limited warranty.

  • Up to 200 lb user weight


Rebounder Handle Bar - For a reasonably healthy and active person, the bar may not be a necessity, but it is a great aid in practising new moves and for doing high kicks (forward, backward or sideways). If you or anyone near and dear to you is 'balance- or strength-challenged', then it is a very good idea to have a bar for everyone's security and peace of mind.

Rebound For Health Exercise Program VCD - A 33 minute complete follow through exercise. SPECIAL PRICE - A savings of 40%, should you purchase it together with a NewLife™ Rebounder.

The Most Effective Exercise Ever Known to Man VCD, by Gerald Bradley - Since there are various forms of exercise, get to know why rebounding exercise is the most effective form of exercise.



Rebound Exercise is a cellular exercise. No other exercise can produce this kind of cellular cleansing and strengthening, during which every cell quickens its absorption of oxygen and nutrients, as well as hastens its process of elimination of trapped proteins and other toxins.


The lymphatic system does not have a pump system like the heart in our cardiovascular system; therefore, the lymph flow depends on the movement of the body. The gentle up-and-down movement on a rebounder activates to the maximum the one-way valves that control the lymph flow. This, in turn, propels the lymph fluids up though the body, thus increasing the immunity. In cases where movement is not possible, a person can sit on a rebounder while a companion bounces on it.


The up-and-down movement of Rebound Exercise involves the exertion of natural forces of gravity on every cell of our muscles, tissues, bones, and organs. The cells are strengthened through such stresses. The stimulating effects of gravity helps to increase the bone mass, thus preventing osteoporosis. Rebound exercise is gentle on the body. It has a clear advantage over ordinary exercise like jogging, which has a hard impact on the body that may often result in structural injuries in the back, tendon, and knees. Rebound Exercise is also used in remedial exercise after accidents and injuries to help in the process of healing.


Educators have reported marked improvement in the learning ability and emotional stability of children who bounced regularly. Dr. G. N. Getman, the author of "How to Improve Your Child's Intelligence," states that everyone should be involved with rebounding. A child is never too young to start.


The best and most balanced form of exercise for pregnant mothers is the 'Health Bounce' on a rebounder. This mild exercise will help improve body circulation, muscle strength, and the bone strength in both mother and child. After childbirth, the 'Health Bounce' helps the mother to increase her bone mass and tone her muscles.


Rebound Exercise strengthens the ocular muscles and tissue of the eye. Janet Goodrich, in her book "Development of Perfect Eyesight Without Glasses," strongly advocates rebounding for improving eyesight.

NewLife™ Rebounder is not an ordinary rebounder. It is a German design made according to TUV/GS standards, which is a safety license issued by German authorities. All the materials including the mat, spring, and hooks that hold the mat meet the specifications of recognized safety standards. Do not waste your money on cheaper units that won't last! NewLife™ Rebounder carries 3-year warranty and gives you and your family years of fun and healthy use.



"I send my hyperactive son to a centre that helps children with Autism, ADD and other neuro problems. Rebound exercise is part of the therapy in every session." - C.K.(Singapore)

"I was suffering from skin problems for many years. I found that the itchiness is very much relieved after Rebound exercise session." - M.L (Malaysia)

" The exercise programme in the 'Rebound for Health' VCD is MARVELLOUS. I feel so much better and more energized after 2 weeks of following the Programme." - M.Goh

"NewLife™ Rebounder is a great piece of exercise equipment. Only a few minutes of rebounding daily helps me lose weigh, and it prevents constipation." - R.Chin (Malaysia)

" I exercise on a Rebounder, and my sinuses cleared up after just a few minutes. Now I am proud owner of NewLife™ Rebounder!" - J.Tsen (Malaysia)

Extra Tips

The Gerson Theraphy Handbook advises cancer patients to do 30 seconds of the 'Health Bounce' by (lifting the heels and bending the knees on a Rebounder) 5-6 times daily. It explains that this mild exercise stimulates lymphatic circulation and also helps to overcome pain, especially bone pain.

Disclaimer: The contents on this page are not to be substituted for medical advice or diagnosis. The information presented here is purely for educational purpose. This is not a prescription for self-diagnosis or self-medication. Consult your own physician regarding the application of any opinions and recommendations with respect to your symptoms or medical conditions.