Pure Water Distiller (With Glass Bottle)
Pure Water Distiller (With Glass Bottle)
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Savings : RM 400.90 (20%)
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Water for a better, healthier, happier life!

Water is the elixir to life. With NewLife™ Pure Water Distiller, you can enjoy the best and purest form of water to regain health and energise your body. Perfect for the whole family!

Following nature’s own hydrological cycle, the NewLife™ Pure Water Distiller is a must-have for every home. It makes it simple for you and your family to enjoy water at its best. Not only does it help to boost health, but it also produces water suitable for a variety of other uses.


- Produces 4 litres in 6 hours at 580 watts.

- Easy to use

- Produces water ideal for drinking, coffee, tea, juice, vegetables, soups, baby formulas, steam irons, batteries, photo-processing, contact lenses and more.

- No plumbing required.

- Portable and compact: net weight of 3.52kg.

- Glass storage bottle.

- Automatically shuts off when cycle is finished.

- Comes with 122 cm detachable grounded cord.

- Ensures better water purity with stainless steel baffle and organic carbon post filter.

- Consistent and sustainable quality of water. Tests show no decline in water purity even after years of use, unlike other filtration and purification methods.

Healed Of Nose Infections With the Use Of Distilled Water, ACV & Raw Honey

As far back as five years ago, I was introduced to the idea of drinking distilled water, but I was not opened to it. It took an eventful day to actually change my life.

For several months since early 1996, my son Benjamin had been having watery red eyes, causing him to constantly rub them. A local doctor diagnosed him as suffering from nasal infection. He was given antibiotics, but nothing really helped. In May 1996, we visited a child specialist who diagnosed Benjamin as having a sensitive nose which caused nose infections, with the backflow into his eyes, resulting in the irritation (and the rubbing). The specialist recommended a local nose steroid medication to help alleviate his condition. This medication had to be given every time there was an infection. It did help temporarily to relieve his condition. However, we became concerned with the frequent use of the medication.

It was in December on that eventful day, when Benjamin?s eyes became bloodshot like a conjunctivitis condition, so I decided to make Benjamin drink the NewLife™ Apple Cider Vinegar and Pure Raw Honey in distilled water from 12 noon to 5pm. After that, I noticed that his eyes totally cleared up. No medication was administered that day. Since drinking distilled water from December to date, Benjamin has not had a recurrence of his condition.

Our family is grateful for all the information and knowledge from our friends Hong and Siew (Mr. & Mrs. C.H. Tan), Dr. Lynn Tan, health books, and NewLife™ International. Our many thanks to our NewLife™ network who further passed on valuable information with regard to the distillers and healthy living to their friends.

Mr. Kenny & Ms. Mei Lee Koh; May 1997

My perm and chemically dyed hair was always dry, uncontrolled and brittle. Now with NewLife™ Organic 3 in 1 Herbal Hair Care, my hair is soft, manageable, glossy and vibrant in colour. Most importantly, I have peace of mind. I do not want to risk my life by having those dreadful toxic chemical dyes permeate my body through the scalp.

Kneeling was almost impossible with the pains in my knee joints. Since I bought the NewLife™ Countertop Distiller, I have been drinking at least 7 glasses of distilled water a day. Now I can kneel and jump with no pain.

I used to find my choice for personal hygiene in cheap soaps, lotions and powders, and I used chemical products to clean the house. I did not know that these products I bought for home were unseen and unlabelled chemical additives/ poisons. I know better now. I use all NewLife™ household products like Assure Laundry Detergent, Bio Degradable Dishwash Concentrate and Hydrogen Peroxide, and I shower with NewLife™ Castile Liquid Soap.

My high cholesterol history peaked at 6.1 (normal range is below 5.2 mmol/L), and I was under close monitoring by my physician. After doing the DRP, my cholesterol level regulated itself at a healthy 3.93, and I do not have to go for more check-ups. I will definitely continue to do DRP periodically to maintain my health and also to eat healthy.

I am now 61 years and used to have trouble falling asleep due to hormonal changes. Taking Kelp and Organic Chamomile Herbal Tea have helped me sleep better now.

I had never taken any calcium supplements in the past. In October 2006, I suddenly felt as if the bones in my left leg were fragmentizing. I went to the hospital and had heat treatment and physiotherapy, but the pain still remained. I started taking NewLife™ Calcium Complex with Boron. It contains chelated forms of calcium which not only enhance absorption, but also acts as chelating agents in removing unwanted toxic metals from my body. It is fortified with one of the latest nutritional breakthrough- Boron, which plays a key role in the retention of calcium. After taking NewLife™ Calcium Complex with Boron for only a few months, my legs were strengthened. Today I continue taking them to keep me strong for many more years to come. Exercising on the Rebounder has helped to increase the bone mass, thus preventing osteoporosis. Yet it is gentle on the body. It has a clear advantage over ordinary exercises like jogging, which has a hard impact on the body that may often result in structural injuries in the back, tendon and knees.

From my own experience, I know NewLife™ products work. That explains my boldness and enthusiasm in sharing with people the NewLife™ way to help them.

Alicia Tong, March/ April 2008

Distiller water restored my mobility

Four months prior to working with NewLife™ International, I detected early signs of arthritis. Every morning upon rising, I could not clench my hands. Any attempt to do so would send a very sharp pain to my nerves, as if my fingers were going to snap. Because of the pain I couldn?t do much until the pain subsided which normally took about 25 minutes. Only then, could I resume my daily routine of brushing teeth and taking shower. It was a frightening period of my life having to wake up to these pains and inconveniences. I have tried my remedies but none helps me in any significant way. At most, it only helped reduce my ?immobility? by 10 minutes.

After joining NewLife™ International, I learned about the importance of drinking pure distilled water. What is even better, our office is equipped with the best distiller in the market, NewLife™ Countertop Distiller. So every day when I go to work, I get to drink distilled water. I noticed that the water tastes different from normal boiled or carbon filtered water. I have also noticed that after 3 to 4 months of consuming distilled water during office hours, I could clench my hands into fists the very minute I wake up in the morning. It has been 2 years since I first joined NewLife™ International, and since I started drinking distilled water, it has helped me cure my arthritic symptoms and stopped it from developing any further into a severe stage.

I studied the distillation process and did my research on the topic and am convinced that the distiller is essential in every home and office. Everyone who is reading this testimony, especially people who are suffering from gout and kidney stone, switch your drinking water today! I did!

NewLife™ Countertop Distiller is the best investment you can make!

Melissa Oon, Jan/ Feb 2008

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