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Prostate Cancer: From Stage 4 to Undetectable!

In July 2017, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. My PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) at that time was almost 40 (most doctors would consider PSA levels of 4.0 ng/mL and lower as normal). I went to the National Cancer Centre in Singapore (NCCS) for a second test, which confirmed it as “stage 4”.

The doctor in Singapore proposed for six sessions of chemotherapy and one injection of hormonotherapy every 3-months. Since I had already registered for the NewLifeTM Health Retreat in August 2017, I asked to start in September 2017. In August 2017, I went to the retreat in Kasih Sayang Health Resort, then after that I was scheduled to do the first session of chemo. My blood was tested and the PSA had gone down from 40 to around 3. I didn’t want to do the chemo anymore but due to family influence and also because it was stage 4, meaning the cancer cells were also in my blood, therefore I agreed to continue the remaining chemo sessions with an interval of three weeks each and one injection of hormonotherapy every three-months. During the same period of time, I still followed the Detoxification & Rejuvenation Programme (DRP) and took regularly, at home, all the supplements that Dr. Lynn had prescribed to me. I completed the chemo at the end of December 2017. By that time my PSA was down to about 0.1.

Every 12-weeks I have to get a medical check-up and one injection of hormonotherapy at the NCCS, while still following the DRP very strictly.  For 3 consecutive check-ups up to the most recent one in end October 2018, the results have been consistently showing what is called “undetectable”.  This means my PSA had gone down to below 0.03.I am very happy and I will continue to follow the DRP.

Nguyen-Dang Thinh

A Swiss citizen

14 January, 2019

前列腺癌 :从第四期至无法检测出

2017年7月,我被诊断出患上了前列腺癌。当时我的前列腺异性抗原高达40(大多数医生视PSA的正常值一般要少过4.0ng/ml)。我去了新加坡国立癌症中心(NCCS) 做了第二次检查,结果确诊是“第四期”。

新加坡的医生建议我进行六次化疗和每3个月接受一次激素注射。由于在之前我已报名要参加2017年8月的新生命健康养生营,因此我要求在9月才开始进行化疗。2017年8月我按照原先计划前往Kasih Sayang 度假村参与健康养生营。养生营结束后我才开始第一次的化疗。之后验血报告显示我的PSA已从40降到3左右。当时的我本想不再继续化疗,但由于我的癌症属于第四期,血液中会有癌细胞,经家人的影响下,我同意继续完成剩下的5次化疗(每3个星期一次)及激素注射(每3个月一次)。在这段期间,我仍继续进行新生命的排毒与复健程序(DRP)及摄取所有由陈林希珠博士所指定的保健产品。这样的情形持续至2017年12月,在当时,我的PSA已跌到0.1。


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