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Zinger tea contains herbs formulation that helps combat fatigue, increases energy level, improves mental performance, boosts immune systems, soothe colds and coughs and is a great drink for everybody who wants to improve overall well-being.

Chamomile, Licorice, Rosehips, Siberian Ginseng, Spearmint

  • Chamomile – a soothing, calming herb that relieves fatigue associated with nervousness, as well as over-active and stressful body functions, including a nervous stomach, insomnia, menstrual cramps and restlessness. It is soothing, with no harmful side effects. Chamomile aids digestion and encourages regeneration of liver tissues.

  • Licorice – this herb stimulates the adrenal glands. It counteracts stress and fatigue, while increasing energy. Beneficial for the liver, it prevents stomach and intestinal ulcers, flu, bronchial problems, lung congestion, hoarseness, sore throats and hypoglycaemia. Nature’s organic sweetener is safe for diabetics.

  • Rosehips – this is particularly good for flavouring tea, as well as adding a good amount of natural Vitamin C, which aids in fighting colds and flus.

  • Siberian ginseng – this herb is considered to be the world’s number one aphrodisiac and is known to improve physical vitality and mental performance. It is excellent for those who are depressed and fatigued and promotes blood circulation, while curing digestive disturbances. Studies have shown ginseng to protect body cells from radiation damage and high cholesterol diseases. It is effective for colds and coughs.

  • Spearmint – spearmint adds a delightful mint flavour to the tea and is particularly useful for indigestion, gas, cramps, coughs and colds.

Place a tea bag in a cup or teapot. Add boiling water and steep for 5 minutes.
Use one tea bag per cup/ person.
Sweeten with NewLife™ Pure Raw Honey if sweetness is preferred.

The Challenge

Feeling tired and stressed out from work? Is your brain is getting foggy after hours of staring at the tiny words and figures on computer screen? Often, people would make themselves a cup of coffee or tea, thinking that these caffeine drinks will boost their energy level and keep them awake during work hours. However, not many actually realise that drinking caffeinated drinks will leave you even more tired when the stimulating effects ceases. Some people may experience symptoms like restlessness, anxiety and heart palpitation after caffeine intake. So, why not choose a better healthful option? You can recharge your energy levels by drinking a cup of Zinger Tea during tea breaks. Even diabetic people can enjoy it.

Who will benefit from Zinger Tea?

It’s an excellent beverage for the entire household, ranging from the hyperactive children to the elderly.


I have six children. As I am a full-time home-maker taking care of them, I always expect my children’s health to be in tip-top condition. This is why when my children have flu and cough, I would try different types of cough drops, hoping to relieve their cough, especially during the night when their cough would be at its worst. However, cough drops do not work. Then one day, I read about NewLife™ Zinger tea that claims to be able to help relieve coughs. I tried it on my children and immediately it worked. They became better and I could even get sufficient rest.

For years now, if my children have a cough, I would let them have a cup of Zinger Tea before they go to bed and 3-4 cups a day. Their cough will definitely get better and eventually subside.

~ Cindy Tai ~

NewLife™ Super Immunity Kids Pack Saved Daniel?s Adenoids and Tonsils

Since our 4-year-old son Daniel was a baby, he often had fever, phlegm, flu, cough, and runny nose. He always breathed through his mouth and we thought it was normal for children to do so. We didn?t know that his nose was blocked because of the inflammation of his adenoids.

Sometime in early February 2008, Daniel had difficulty in breathing and he was very sick with high fever for several days. He was admitted to a specialist centre for 3 nights and was treated with antibiotic jabs. The specialist told us that, not only Daniel?s adenoids were inflamed and swollen; his tonsils had also swelled so big that they had nearly choked him. So he (the specialist) suggested that Daniel?s adenoids and tonsils be removed through surgery.

We were very worried. A friend of ours, Mr. Jarrow Marcus, advised us to seek 2nd opinion and try the natural way as his own child had recovered from Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) through the natural method. With that we made an appointment to see Dr. Lynn Tan. She recommended that we put Daniel on the Super Immunity Kids Pack together with a diet that consists of fresh juices, fruits, yoghurt, and Hippocrates? Soup while replacing milk with Spirulina drinks. The pack consists of Flax Seed Oil, K-Salt, Apple Cider Vinegar, Pure Raw Honey, Immuflora, Spirulina Powder, Nutritional Yeast, Bee Pollen Granules, Zinger Organic Herbal Tea and Wonda Oil.

Daniel?s health condition began to improve day by day and at the end of two weeks, Daniel was a new person. His tonsils had returned to normal size. For the first time in 4 years, he was able to breathe normally with no runny nose or blockage. Above all, he has become a cheery child instead of an agitated one. NewLife™ has helped rebuild Daniel?s life and saved us from paying large sums of money on medical bills.

To support Daniel, our whole family also embarked on healthy diet plus NewLife™ supplements. Our youngest son, Jordan (7 months old then in February 2008) constantly had phlegm and often had fever and flu. He was also given the Super Immunity Kids Pack and diet. He too, up to now, like Daniel, has kept phlegm, flu, fever, runny nose, and cough out of his life. As for me, Daniel?s mum, I lost 6kgs of body fat.

Thanks to Jarrow, Dr. Lynn and NewLife™ for providing us with a natural alternative - we are the living testimony that natural healing is the best way to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Daniel, Year 2008

Disclaimer: The contents on this page are not to be substituted for medical advice or diagnosis. The information presented here is purely for educational purpose. This is not a prescription for self-diagnosis or self-medication. Consult your own physician regarding the application of any opinions and recommendations with respect to your symptoms or medical conditions.