Herbal Klenz Powder combines both ancient and current methods of natural internal cleansing. Nature's Gift Herbal Klenz is safe, effective, and simple to follow as a daily routine. It will help to remove the gluey layers covering the villi of the small intestines, thus enhancing the digestion and absorption of nutrients. It eases bowel movements, relieves constipation, and provides daily internal cleansing. It removes accumulated encrustations that clog up the colon.

Herbal Klenz Powder

Fills your daily fibre-gaps, reduces toxin absorption and keeps your gut-system running smoothly.

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Key Benefits

Supports Better Digestive Health

Prevents Constipation

Helps Control Blood Sugar Levels

Aids In Cholesterol Management

Your Gut Health Affects Your Overall Health


The gastrointestinal tract is your body’s largest system at 8 metres long and approximately 6000 square feet of surface area. It’s main job is to break down food, absorb nutrients and eliminate waste/ toxins from the body.

When this system slows down or gets clogged, that’s when the health problems start! Your lifestyle choices, a diet high in refined carbohydrates (white rice, noodles, bread) and low fibre intake are usually the main cause...

This Is What We Found Out - It’s Serious.


80% of diseases can be traced back to poor colon health - which means a healthy colon can equal a healthy body.

In fact, an issue that may seem trivial such as constipation has been shown to be one of the top causes of colon cancer in both men and women!

And that colon cancer is second only to lung cancer among cancers that kill both men & women. (Balch P.A. and Balch J.F., Prescription for Nutritional Healing)

Our Solution: Herbal Klenz


NewLife™ developed a proprietary blend of natural ingredients over 20 years ago and has been used by thousands of members ever since.

We created Herbal Klenz to:

  • Be more than just fibre - packed with powerful herbs that support various gastrointestinal problems
  • To have no laxative effect - instead it progressively speeds up your digestion through daily use
  • Suitable for people of all age groups - both young and old.


Psyllium Husk

One of the world’s most used herbs, universally recognised as a premier dietary fibre. It is bulk forming to clean the colon.

Apple Pectin

Researchers have found that apple pectin has the ability to clean out heavy-metal toxicity from the intestinal tract.

Butcher’s Broom

Used for treating constipation, kidney stones, urinary tract infections and various gastrointestinal problems.


Improves the peristaltic movement of the colon and decreases the absorption of intestinal toxins.

Bentonite USP Grade

Bentonite clay was reported to be able to absorb toxins, pathogenic viruses, bacteria and parasites in the intestinal tract and eliminate them from the body.


Directions Of Use

  • Mix 1 teaspoon in 200ml of room temperature water or with a glass of "Honegar" (1 tsp NewLife™ Apple Cider Vincegar and 1 tsp NewLife™ Pure Raw Honey in 200ml o f water).
  • Drink twice daily

Herbal Klenz Powder




See What People Are Saying
Herbal Klenz Powder improved my bowel movements, my skin, and my concentration. I feel fit now because I sleep well at night.
Mr. Tjeng Fen Lie

I discovered I had irritable bowel disease (IBD) many years ago. My stomach would feel very uncomfortable after taking hot or spicy foods. I did not go out to look for a cure but instead just bore with the inconveniences and the irritable discomfort.

But one meeting with Dr. Lynn, I understood my digestive system better and stopped feeling helpless in restoring my health. Her advice to me on what I should take for my meals and what I must forgo has given me a real boost, so I decided to change my diet. I was also advised to take GI Health Plus Pack, which consists of Pure Raw Honey, ACV, Herbal Klenz Powder, C Complex and Immuflora to take care of my guts. These products have liberated me from my condition as my stomach is able to cope with hot or spicy stuff. I do not feel uncomfortable anymore.

I strongly believe that this is the first step towards prevention from getting other degenerative illnesses as I grow older. There us so much we can do in achieving optimal health through diet, exercise, and rest, despite this very toxic lifestyle and environment we live in. We just need some right advice and encouragement to do the right thing before it is too late!

Cheers to good health and long life!

Terrence Chee


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