Healing Eczema Naturally

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My daughter was diagnosed with eczema since she was a few months old

My daughter was diagnosed with eczema since she was a few months old. It took a turn for the worst when she was in infant care. Due to inadequate care, her skin condition worsened and she perpetually had bad eczema patches on her inner thigh and her right cheek.

When she was less than 2 years old, she was treated by a good dermatologist and her skin condition did improve for a while, but she would have bad flare ups that were hard to manage. Looking back, there were only few nights whereby we had relief due to the terrible itching at night that kept her up. When she was 2 years old and 5 months, she had a high fever. This caused her skin to flare up on her private areas and she was admitted to hospital for suspected Scarlet Fever.

Explored having a better nutritional program for my daughter

While she was still in the hospital, we were recommended by a pediatric doctor to contact Lydia Ling (a Holistic Health Consultant) who partners with NewLife, to explore having a better nutritional program for her. We decided to go ahead and we have never looked back since.

Understanding possible trigger factors and exposures for skin flare ups

Lydia was really knowledgeable about nutrition. She evaluated and provided the guide for her diet, giving suggestions on what to remove and what to include, pointed out to us the possible trigger factors and exposures for her skin flare ups. Lydia was also very patient and approachable, going out of her way to also think of ways to manage my daughter’s condition, even the extra mile to prepare the special ointment she concocted for topical application to moisturize and soothe her itchy and inflamed skin. We frequently WhatsApp her to consult her and each time she was very helpful and patiently replied to every question. We are really fortunate to have met Lydia.

Within a few weeks of taking the NewLife supplements, her skin saw great improvement

For a start, the nutritional intakes recommended for my daughter were essentials like Immuflora, Spirulina, Flaxseed oil, N.Zimes PA Plus, Vitamin C and fresh juices for eczema healing. These would help with her condition which Lydia called the “leaky gut.”

Within a few weeks of trying out the NewLife supplements, my daughter’s skin saw great improvement. She also had less flare ups and was able to have better bowel movement. She was also more cheerful, able to play happily. What was more significant was that we had more nights with better sleep and fewer nights whereby she woke up feeling uncomfortable.

With the nutritional health knowledge imparted to me through Lydia’s coaching, I am now more equipped and confident in taking charge of my family’s health. It is amazing to be able to see the nice skin on my daughter. She is now a healthy and happy 3-year-old.

To those who are looking to improve their health, take heart that it is possible. We continue to take NewLife supplements. What is really good about them is that they are safe and effective and can be used for all ages.

E. Tan, Singapore

May 2019