Gi Health Plus Starter Pack
Gi Health Plus Starter Pack
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The NewLife™ GI Health Plus starter pack is the kick-start your body needs to get back into total health.

Made using the best ingredients from around the world (Japan, New Zealand, USA) - it contains the core products used in all our programs and is trusted by thousands of customers every month for the last 20+ years!

Good for those getting started with NewLife™, or if you are introducing friends or family to us for the first time.


1 x Apple Cider Vinegar (740ml)

2 x Herbal Klenz Powder (342.72gm)

1 x Immuflora (30 sachets)

1 x Pure Raw Honey (850gm)

1 x Vitamin C Complex 1000mg Sustained Release

Are you new to NewLife™ programs and not sure where to begin?

Or are you looking for something for a friend or family member to get them started on their health journey?

We get asked this question a lot - because of that we have put together a pack of the core products that thousands of customers use on a monthly basis…

It focuses on improving your body’s gut health and boosting your immunity.


Because 90% of degenerative diseases begin in the gastrointestinal tract (GI)...

All our programs start with your gut - removing toxin buildup and improving overall gut health, which is why our GI Health Plus* pack contain these core products.

They are easy to consume and testimonials from our members show how fast and effective they are in making you feel healthier and more energised…

It’s a great place to begin your health journey with NewLife™ - so why not get started?

* FREE shipping for the GI Health Plus Starter Pack for IBO and Smart Consumer members


Contains the friendly bacteria the body needs to fight off and control other less friendly bacteria and disease producing yeast and pathogens.

A product of Japan, NewLife™ Immuflora:

  • Contains 10 billion viable cells of Bifidobacterium Longum, 1 billion Lactobacillus Acidophilus and 200mg Fructo-Oligosaccharides, a bacteria food that is crucial in enhancing and protecting the friendly organisms in the gastrointestinal tract


Herbal Klenz

Nature's Gift Herbal Klenz Powder from NewLife™ is formulated with a unique blend of detoxifying herbs and dietary fibre that not only effectively regulate bowel movements but also detoxifies and cleanses the gastro-intestines.

Made in the USA, its soluble and insoluble fibres cleanse waste of the colon while stimulating peristalsis movement.

The other ingredients like apple pectin, butcher’s broom and bentonite work together to cleanse heavy metal toines, viruses, parasites and prevent digestive disorders.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Natural, undistilled organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is widely used today as a daily health tonic, it offers and all-natural way to cleanse and nourish the body, making it an indispensable ingredient in promoting youthfulness and good health.

  • NewLife™ Apple Cider Vinegar is a product of New Zealand, 100% pure natural and organically certified

  • Rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, malic acid, acetic acid, pectin and many other vital vitamins, minerals and enzymes

  • Retains the essential ‘Mother of Vinegar’ culture and its healthful properties


Pure Raw Honey

Unpasteurised raw honey is a nutrient rich, complete food made up of at least 165 identifiable components that consist of amino acids, enzymes, minerals and vitamins.

NewLife™ Nature’s Gift Pure Raw Honey:

  • Is produced on the South Island of New Zealand

  • Unheated, unpasteurised, unprocessed and retains its natural health benefits

  • Certified free from pesticides and chemicals

  • 100% pure and maintains its naturally organic state, contributing to its increased level of antioxidants


Vitamin C Complex 1000mg

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that is required for at least 300 metabolic functions in the body, including tissue growth and repair, adrenal gland function and healthy gums.

Nature’s Gift Vitamin C Complex from NewLife™ also contains bioflavonoids, which are essential for the absorption of Vitamin C.

  • Nature’s Gift Vitamin C Complex contains 1000mg of pure, natural Vitamin C along with high levels of bioflavonoid, acerola and rose hips

  • Offers 40% better utilisation rates than regular tablets due to a 100% natural vegetable micro-gel gradual release system

  • Hypo-allergenic and vegetarian

I was suffering from severe diarrhoea. I went twice to see the doctor but the medications did not help at all. I went to see a Chinese physician; his medicine helped me temporarily and the stomach problem came back. On the 5th day, my friend Mr Lim asked me to take 2 sachets of ImmuFlora and to my surprise, ImmuFlora saved me from prolonged diarrhea. An hour after taking it, I passed out some black stuff, but after that, the diarrhoea stopped completely. ~Mr Hee Siaw Sin


I discovered I had irritable bowel disease (IBD) many years ago. My stomach would feel very uncomfortable after taking hot or spicy foods. I did not go out to look for a cure but instead just bore with the inconveniences and the irritable discomfort.

But one meeting with Dr. Lynn, I understood my digestive system better and stopped feeling helpless in restoring my health. Her advice to me on what I should take for my meals and what I must forgo has given me a real boost, so I decided to change my diet. I was also advised to take GI Health Plus Pack, which consists of Pure Raw Honey, ACV, Herbal Klenz Powder, C Complex and Immuflora to take care of my guts. These products have liberated me from my condition as my stomach is able to cope with hot or spicy stuff. I do not feel uncomfortable anymore.

I strongly believe that this is the first step towards prevention from getting other degenerative illnesses as I grow older. There us so much we can do in achieving optimal health through diet, exercise, and rest, despite this very toxic lifestyle and environment we live in. We just need some right advice and encouragement to do the right thing before it is too late!

Cheers to good health and long life! ~Mr. Terrence Chee


Ever since our daughter Maelodee was a few months old, she had to see the doctor every month. She was often ill with flu, nose blocks, coughs, fever and constipation. We were very worried for her.

When she was 4, we started her on coffee enema and made her take plenty of supplements and eating more nutritious foods. Once a week, she would do a coffee enema, using 250ml of distilled water boiled with a teaspoon of coffee. She also took Spirulina, Vitamin C, K salt, Immuflora and juices.

After a few weeks, we noticed that she wasn’t as sickly. She is now 16-year-old, she continues to take those supplements and loves doing coffee enema. She is healthy and has good complexion. She has also not visited a doctor for the last 12 years.

We would like to sincerely thank Dr. Lynn Tan for having such wonderful products that has helped improve our child’s health. ~Maelodee


Herbal Klenz Powder improved my bowel movements, my skin, and my concentration. I feel fit now because I sleep well at night.

My cholesterol level was 260. I used to smoke a lot, drink a lot of coffee had skin problems, and suffered from constipation and insomnia, even when I was extremely sleepy especially after meals.

After taking the inner Herbal Klenz Powder twice, I was shocked at what passed out - unusual stools mixed with dark brown and blood-like substances. These, I learn later from my uplink, are mucous encrustations from the colon.

Since then, I do not feel hungry or tire easily; instead, I feel better and lighter. Herbal Klenz Powder improved my bowel movements, my skin, and my power of concentration. I also feel fit now because I sleep well at night.

I’m very grateful to Dr. Lynn Tan and Mr. C. K. Tan for making Herbal Klenz Powder available to us through NewLife™ International. I hope that my sharing will benefit others. ~Mr. Tjeng Fen Lie


I had blood in my urine. A doctor scanned me and confirmed that I had stones in my kidney. For quite a while I was bearing the discomfort of a urinary tract infection with a smelly white discharge. I am pleased to testify that all these symptoms have disappeared completely. Many thanks to Dr. Lynn Tan’s Detoxification & Rejuvenation Programme (DRP).

The symptoms of the urinary tract infection completely disappeared after I went through one week of Dr. Lynn Tan’s DRP. After that, I continued with the 5 Essentials, which consist of: Herbal Klenz Powder, Flaxseed Oil, K-Salt, Super Green Food, and Immuflora, along with a weekly Coffee Enema. I also followed a healthy diet, together with homemade yogurt, Apple Cider Vinegar, Pure Raw Honey, and distilled water. The kidney stones passed out naturally after several months of following this regime. I feel healthier each day. It is really amazing to realize what our body can do when we nourish and build it properly!

In following the NewLife™ path, I was rewarded with an additional bonus - my weight has also stabilized at 50kg compared to 56kg previously. ~Mrs. Maggie Ding

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