Collasta helps turn back the clock! Collasta is an anti-ageing complex, engineered for optimum health and beauty. It contains hydrolyzed marine collagen that provides skin its strength and elasticity, reduces inflammation, body pains and joint discomfort. Hydrolyzed marine collagen is a highly digestible form of protein. Regular consumption of collagen has shown to benefit joint and bone health, skin health, weight management and sports performance.


Proprietary Collagen Formula That Turns Back The Clock!

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Main Ingredients Sourced From: France, Japan
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30 Sachets
Main Ingredients Sourced From: France, Japan

Key Benefits

Provides support against the effects of aging.

Supplies the body with easily-digestible collagen.

Contains antioxidants that help to reduce inflammation and free radical damage in the body.

Enhanced with astaxanthin – one of the most powerful antioxidants available.

Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen from France

Haematococcus Pluvialisin (astaxanthin) from Japan

Surprising Facts About Collagen You Probably Don’t Know...


Did you know that collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, making up one-third of the total protein count? Our body naturally produces collagen in order to maintain the structure of our tissue and organs.

As we age, the collagen produced in our body starts to reduce in quality - our lifestyle and genetics also play a part! Bad habits such as smoking, an unhealthy diet or living a stressful lifestyle can aggravate inflammation and free radicals in the body, which increases the speed of collagen breakdown.

How do you know if the collagen in your body is breaking down? Just look at your skin! Dryness, wrinkles, fine lines and loss of elasticity are a big hint.

But can you imagine this happening throughout your body and in your internal organs and tissues?

Wrinkles Are Not The Only Thing You Should Worry About!


As part of a holistic approach, collagen supplementation is essential for slowing the aging process and preventing cell and tissue damage within the body.

Skin Health
A study published in the Journal of Medical Nutrition and Nutraceuticals1 showed that women who took a hydrolysed collagen supplement reported significant improvements in their skin health – particularly in the areas of hydration and elasticity. When the skin is hydrated and more elastic, it will be less prone to signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. 

Cardiovascular Health
New research is showing that one of the primary causes of atherosclerosis—the clogging or narrowing of blood vessels that cause heart attacks and strokes—is tissue damage along the walls of blood vessels. This is most commonly caused by lifestyle or dietary habits that heighten inflammation and free radical damage. 

In combination with antioxidants, it is believed that collagen can play a key role in preventing or slowing the progress of cardiovascular disease.

Bone & Joint Health
Did you know that your bones are made of mostly collagen?

Collagen gives bones structure and keeps them strong. Collagen is also found in the connective tissues that make up our joints, tendons and cartilages.

Studies have shown that collagen supplements are effective for preventing bone loss and reducing joint pain. In some studies, women who took a collagen supplement daily actually showed an increase in bone mineral density after 12 months! 

One of collagen’s health benefits is also its ability to help improve eyesight! Recent studies have revealed that a lack of collagen in the eyes is one of the leading causes of glaucoma and cataracts.

These conditions are more common in those over the age of 50, and this has been linked with the lowered production of collagen due to aging. An increase in collagen intake has shown significant benefits for these age-related eye issues!

Collasta, Because Ageing Is Beautiful.


Ageing is a wonderful part of life and so it should be! It is a time of increased wisdom and life experiences and should not be a time of higher risk of health problems, aches and wrinkles...

Unfortunately, lifestyle and environmental factors often cause our bodies to show signs of age faster than normal. The good news is, it's possible to slow down these signs so that you can feel more confident, healthy and energised in your own body for longer!
That is what NewLife™’s Collasta is designed to do, with:

✔️ Hydrolyzed marine Collagen for firmer, clearer skin and stronger joints.

✔️ A super antioxidant blend with Astaxanthin reduces free radical damage and improves eye health.
Read on for exactly what each ingredient does to battle ageing-related conditions...



extracted from red algae (Haematococcus pluvialis), possesses an antioxidant capacity 40 times stronger than beta-carotene and 550 times stronger than Vitamin E. Proven by research to be able to reduce inflammation and free radical damage.

Grape seed extract

possesses excellent anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anticancer and antimicrobial properties. Studies have found it to be effective as a prevention against colorectal cancer, with potential growth inhibitory and apoptotic effects on cancerous cells.

Green tea extract

contains bioactive antioxidant compounds that are easily absorbed and highly effective at inhibiting lipid peroxidation and free radical damage. Also helps to promote weight loss.


a pine bark extract, is effective in lowering blood pressure and improving glycemic control.


may help to prevent certain disorders such as cancer, coronary heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and more.


is rich in phytonutrients that support multiple systems of the body. A scientific review revealed that mangosteen extracts possessed antioxidant, antitumoral, antiallergic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral activities, suggesting powerful disease-fighting properties.


Directions Of Use

  • Empty contents of sachet into 200-250ml room temperature or cold water, stir well and serve
  • Take once daily after dinner





See What People Are Saying

Total Rejuvenation

I travel a lot and as such my skin is exposed to the weather and this has caused it to look dull and tired.

After a month of consuming Collasta, I noticed my skin texture improving and getting firmer especially in the areas around my eyes. My skin became clearer and not as dry as before. Obvious wrinkles have become less visible and not only that, my joint pains have totally disappeared. In addition to all these remarkable changes, my vision is clearer; I can now read and drive without having to wear my glasses!

I am healthy and feeling like I’m on top of the world.

Umi Kalsom Abd. Rahim, Kuala Lumpur

Improved Vision

My eyesight started deteriorating after I turned 36.

I started having difficulty reading the numbers on buses when I needed a ride and my eyes would strain when I tried to read road signs whenever I drove. I had to depend on my glasses.

Having known my problems, my wife Sarah recommended me to take Collasta. I began drinking it every night.

I liked its taste as well as the cooling sensation it left and I looked forward to drinking it. A month later, I was out and I realized that I had forgotten to bring my glasses.

I noticed then that the things I saw which were usually blurry, had now appeared clearer. I could read the road names from a distance as well as the bus number without straining my eyes.

Drinking Collasta has helped me improve my eyesight!

Bernard Lim, Singapore

All Pain Gone! My Mom Can Walk Freely Again!

My elderly mother had pain in her knee joint, thighs and buttocks. She also suffered discomfort all over her body. I took her for a medical check-up with an orthopaedic doctor, who took an X-ray of her spine and left knee and gave her a prescription. My mom had a history of gastric problems, so I was reluctant to let her take medication. Instead, I gave her Collasta.

My mother started taking Collasta with 2 packets a day for 15 days followed by a packet a day. I was surprised that after 3 days the pain lessened and a week later, she could walk up the staircase without help. She felt improvement every day and at the end of 2 weeks the pain was gone!

She was able to go back to her usual activities such as morning walks to market and Tai Chi twice a week. Thank you, NewLife™, for having such a wonderful product!

Rina Chee, Kuala Lumpur


* The contents on this page are not to be substituted for medical advice or diagnosis. The information presented here is purely for educational purposes. This is not a prescription for self-diagnosis or self-medication. Consult your own physician regarding the application of any opinions and recommendations with respect to your symptoms or medical conditions.