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Why Is Spirulina a Superfood?

October 19, 2018Blog,

Spirulina is a kind of blue-green algae. It grows in both fresh and salt water. Just like plants, spirulina can produce energy out of sunlight through photosynthesis. Historically, spirulina was used as one of the ......

Mr. Thinh’s Testimonial

October 18, 2018Blog, ,

Prostate Cancer: From Stage 4 to Undetectable! In July 2017, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. My PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) at that time was almost 40 (most doctors would consider PSA levels of 4.0 ng/mL ......

Cholesterol Confusion

August 29, 2018Blog,

Contrary to popular belief, cholesterol is an essential nutrient that our body needs to function well. Unfortunately, this valuable substance has gotten a very bad reputation over the past 6 decades, and most people think ......

Cut Down the Salt!

August 6, 2018Blog, ,

Salt is made of sodium (40% by weight) and chloride (60% by weight).  Sodium is an essential mineral that our bodies need to perform a variety of functions.  It helps maintain the balance of water ......

KELP – Superfood from the Sea

July 19, 2018Blog,

What is Kelp? Kelp is a large seaweed belonging to the brown algae family. It grows in enormous beds just below the surface of the sea. Because of sunlight and the plentiful nutrients in the ......


by Sam Tan, Nutritionist An accumulation of toxins in the body can potentially contribute towards more serious, chronic and degenerative conditions. The good news however is that this toxin build-up happens over time, and we ......

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